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    Walking On Sunshine (WOS) plunges you into an atmosphere of a garden in a city and brings you a new concept of beauty and dining. At WOS, our experienced international stylists will provide you top-notch hair service to guarantee you absolute satisfaction. At the same time, WOS serves Korean food and desserts using freshly picked natural ingredients. Not to mention, we have a photo studio with professional photographers to capture your important moments with your loved ones.







    To provide you total satisfaction, Walking On Sunshine offers an 8 days promise.

    Let us know within 8 days if you have any feedback or concern during your visit.

    *Terms and Conditions apply*







    Walking On Sunshine Salon in Singapore provides treatment gowns

    Treatment Gown

    For hygienic reasons, the treatment gown provided will be for one-time use only


    Walking On Sunshine Korean Salon in Singapore provides clean slippers

    Personal Slippers

    If your feet feel sore from walking, let us know so that we can provide you with clean personal slippers for your stay at Walking On Sunshine


    Walking On Sunshine Hair Salon in Singapore provides smartphone chargers

    Smartphone Charger

    A smartphone charger is provided to any customer who needs it.


    Walking On Sunshine Salon and Cafe in Singapore rents umbrellas

    Umbrella Rentals

    If it rains suddenly, fret not, we will provide Walking On Sunshine umbrellas, so you won't be exposed to the elements.


    Walking On Sunshine Korean Hair Salon in Singapore offers free wireless internet access

    Wi-Fi Service

    Access the internet for free while waiting for your appointment or when relaxing in between hair treatments.

    Walking On Sunshine Cafe in Singapore offers salads

    Salad Box

    On your visit to Walking On Sunshine, help yourselves to our healthy treats, which are prepared with love.

    Walking On Sunshine Hair Salon and Cafe in Singapore offers Korean tea and coffee


    Enjoy 100% premium coffee prepared by our professional baristas and take delight in our Korean tea.

  • Walking On Sunshine Korean Salon in Singapore offers free parking during weekdays

    Luke Yi is the Managing Director of Walking On Sunshine Salon and Cafe in Singapore


    Managing Director


    "When customer comes first, they last"

    After having worked in the IT industry for 16 years, Luke Yi discovered that his passion lies in the service oriented industry and decided to build his career in that direction. This led him to start his first F&B brand, Chicken Up, the award winning Korean restaurant in Singapore (voted as #1 Asian Restaurant Chain & #1 Fried Chicken Restaurant). Starting out as a humble restaurant cum bar in Tanjong Pagar, he has built various brands over the years and within 5 years, he has more than 10 outlets in both Singapore and its neighboring country, Malaysia.


    With a vision of succeeding in the service industry, he further expand his business into the beauty industry and brought LEEKAJA Beauty Salon to Singapore, and is gearing up to expand regionally.


    Other brands which are under Luke Yi has a Return of Investment (ROI) within six to twelve months. With Luke Yi's expert strategizing in marketing and customer-oriented quality service, Leekaja can be seen to become more successful and prosper in Singapore in the upcoming years ahead